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GM International Minerals Sdn Bhd have been seriously planning to start up a quarry which includes the crushing plant (limestone) in Gunung Baling, Kedah since year 2020. So far we have invested and towards our research and developments which has been done for the past this few months towards several locations and random samples has been collected for more details and specifications. This has been proven by the Germans through their R & D since the year of 1995. The Gunung Baling limestone is one of the best raw limestone in the world and certified by the German limestone Companies in Kuala Ketil, Kedah. Mineral content specification of Calcium Carbonate at 99.6%.

Before we get into more favorable introduction about favorable introduction about our limestone industry subject, these are the few important items which we would like to share. Our conform location is Gunung Baling, Kedah where our company has been taken over now from Kedah state government with full approval, together with district territorial, where its become the only name in the land ownership in the Gunung Baling land. It's now registered under the name of AMBANG HIJAU TRADING SDN BHD. Our company's CEO, Mr Vasudevan Mutaiya, where he has been contributed sum of millions to get alll the permits and license from Kedah state government. All these area officially preserved, reserved and documentated under Law of Mining and Minerals with mining official of Kedah state government.

While our company official consultant for all the start up project and foundation since from the beginning is Mr Muniandy Sinasamy. Where his service and experience in this field for almost 35 years. So no doubts about questioning in anywhere, anytime for advice and consultation. For those who have been interested on our lists, who have brought us ealier, as we all know that we have delivered on each of our configuration and we want to do the same thing. As for those who have visited our site for the first time, we would like to welcome you to our site with promises.

We would do our best to ensure that your kind afford and interest of this limestone mining business places would be very comfortable and in long terms investments with stability, reliability and responsibility. What we have done here is given you all a brief so that you all can have a feeling of what it would be like in terms of structure. The whole pack is extremely voluminous and step by step to guide and perform in prefessional ways. So, let we dive right in move about our professional investment on limestone mining and quarry.

As we all knows, what are the right items, machimery and mining tools. Let says, for example, as a command language a person if he needs to accomplish is mission or vision, he should have an interest of a right word in a right time. And the most important of all, right tools in a right place. We hope that, what are in our mind to use as professional handling for mining and quarry process tools are basically necessary to be use for in the modern world of high tech quarry equipment. These are the few important mechanical and machinery types which easier, cheaper and the most of all is the cost of operation handling consumption together with ware and tare of parts.



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